Face & Body Oil Blend: Renewal 天竺葵深沉润肤油

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Renewal: Rose Geranium Deep Moisturizing Oil

A deep moisturizing blend to renew dry skin. Sweet almond, rosehip seed oil, borage oil and wheatgerm oil restore moisture and softness to skin. Scented with anti-aging essential oils such as rose geranium, rosewood and patchouli to encourage cell regeneration and to help skin retain elasticity and firmness. Packed in a dark glass bottle with dropper.

Can be used as a moisturizer or as a massage oil for both face and body.

Directions To Use: Apply a few drops of oil onto your body and gently massage the oil until it is absorbed into the skin. As a face moisturizer, 1 drop that is spread evenly onto the face is sufficient. For best results, please use after bath and before bedtime.

Precaution: Not for internal consumption. Do not use if pregnant. Not for children under 5 years. Always apply a skin patch test before using.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil, virgin olive oil, olive oil, borage oil, rosehipseed oil, wheatgerm oil, rose geranium essential oil, rosemary essential oil , rosewood essential oil, patchouli essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract.

Volume: 60ml

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