Creamy Calendula Bastille Soap 橄榄金盞花肥皂

Here's a very mildly scented soap that does what an olive soap should do - it cleanses, moisturises and is pleasant towards all types of skin. It starts off as a hard bar, but like most olive soaps, it does get a little soft towards the end. Olive oil bar soaps are famous for their gentle cleansing and moisturising effect which leaves skin feeling soft and tender after you towel dry. 

The Bastille soap refers to a soap which is high in olive oil (70% and above. This particular formulation uses olive oil which has been infused with calendula for more than 2 months for their anti-inflammatory properties. It is very mildly scented for the enjoyment of those with skin or noses that are sensitive to fragrances.
If you do not want your soap to end up as a gooey mess, we recommend you pair this with a charcoal bag, or lather the soap in a small towel or washcloth and then use the lather to cleanse your body.

Contains cocoa butter and and goat milk that will leave skin feeling soft, supple and moist after the shower. The soap also has sprinkling and embeds of soap shavings of our previous charcoal bentonite soap.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, castor, mango butter and cocoa butter; lye, water, essential oils of sweet orange, rosemary, lemongrass, citronella, clary sage and ginger.

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