Online Store Price Differentiation

Is there a difference between the online and store prices?

Yes, as of February 2015 there will be differentiation of material pricing between the online store and physical outlets.

The current (and lower) prices will be maintained for online purchases whereas there will be a price increase for selected products purchased directly at the store.



What are the selected products?

For now, price differentiation will apply only to selected carrier oils and essential oils.

For the carrier oils, these include (but are not limited to): olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, red palm, grapeseed oil, castor oil and rice bran oil. For these items, there will be an increase of RM3 per litre and RM5 per 5 litre packing for walk-in purchases.

This exercise may be extended to other items over time.



Reasons for Price Differentiation?

As cost of operations continue to increase, the need to be more cost efficient in terms of storage, resource allocation, transportation, and servicing time is imperative for us.

Cost savings for us and better pricing for you can be afforded if more orders for the selected products are self-serviced through the website. Hence, we do hope that students and DIY practitioners will order online and take advantage of the existing online point accumulation / customer reward program.



Can I pick up my orders at the stores?

Yes. There is a free in-store pick up option for those who wish to collect their online order at the shop to save on postage. This option is available under the "shipping options" dropdown menu after you have checked out your items from your shopping cart. You will be able to choose to pick up either any of our Soap Artisan outlets at Publika (KL) or 1 Utama (PJ).

However the standard procedure applies - if you decide to pay over the counter at the store instead of paying online prior to collection, the in-store pricing will overide your online order. 

我们还为顾客保有着店铺取货模式 - 意思就是顾客依旧可享有网购的实惠价格,然后到邻近的分店去领取你们的商品以节省运费。


Can I order through other channels other than the website to get the lower prices?

Although queries from any channel (eg. phone, email and SMS) are welcomed, only orders coming in through the Soap Artisan or Natural Wellbeing online websites will be eligible for the online benefits. 

If you are encountering difficulties with your online order, please drop us a mail for assistance. 

我们已经多次说明为了简化工作而鼓励顾客选择网购服务,如果订单是通过电话,简讯,电邮或者是电话软体,而非通过Soap Artisan或Natural Wellbeing的购物网页,网上结帐,也将无法享有网购的优惠。