Soap Artisan Rewards Program

What is the Soap Artisan Customer Rewards Program about?

Be a Silver, Gold or Platinum customer to enjoy discounts worth 5% to 20% off from ~80% of our raw materials! 

To participate, you just need to continuously purchase from our online store to accumulate a minimum total of RM1000. As the total amount of your purchases accumulate over time, so will your discounts. Upon newly crossing the tier thresholds, you will be automatically promoted and entitled to enjoy tier discounts starting from the next purchase!

What do the discounts cover?

The discounts applies to most items under the raw material section of our online store.

Raw materials are defined as the basic goods or ingredients that are used to make the DIY bath and beauty products taught in our workshops. These include carrier oils, essential oils, skincare extracts, herbal powders and more. 


Excluded items are (but are not limited to):

  • selected carrier oils (for eg. olive oil, grapeseed oil, canola oil, castor oil, palm oil, coconut oil, red palm oil and rice bran oil)
  • soap bases, mica powders, and all tools, equipment and containers
  • selected dried herbs and skincare materials
  • selected essential oils in 10ml
  • all essential oils in 500ml and 1L
  • all items under the retail section
  • all DIY workshops 
  • Can I accumulate points when I purchase from your physical outlets?

    Unfortunately no. These points are only accumulated for online orders with online bank-in payments. 

    Your online orders benefit us as it enables us to reduce storage time and to better optimize storage space of raw materials at our physical outlets. When you pay online, it also cuts down serving time at the store end. This cost savings are then passed to you, the customer. Good for us, and great for you! This is why we encourage that raw material customers make and pay their orders online.  

    I am not keen to pay for postage - can I collect my order from your physical outlets?

    Yes, when you place an online order, you can either choose to have the items shipped to you OR to pick them up at any of our outlets at KL, USJ or Petaling Jaya. There are no charges for in-store pick ups. For in-store pick ups, one of our staff will notify you either via call or email when all your items are packed and ready for your collection.

    How will I know that I have become a Silver, Gold or Platinum customer?

    When you have crossed the minimum threshold and logged into your account, you will see your assigned prices instead of the regular prices. For example, an item with a regular price of RM18 will display as RM17.10 for silver customers. There is no need to apply any discount codes anywhere!

    If you are not sure of you cumulative spend, just ping us and we will do a quick look up for you :)