Lemongrass Anti-Mosquito Gel 柠檬草驱蚊凝胶

Get mosquitoes out of the way with this gel! If you are tired of using mosquito coils or insect spray to bring down the persistent mozzies in your home, try this gel! The lemongrass scent is potent enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay for 1 - 2 hours, and the aloe vera gel with glycerin make it a gentle application for most skin types. 


To use: Pump out the gel and spread evenly onto exposed arms or legs. Then pat dry. Repeat every 1 to 2 hours when you feel that the efficacy is decreasing.


Lavender floral water, organic glycerine, aloe vera gel, carbopol gel, rosemary extract, essential oils of lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus and lavender.


Please test on skin for allergic reactions before use.

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