CP Soap Colourant Powders 耐碱色粉

A set of mineral-based pigment powders especially for DIY Cold Process (CP) soap making. These colours remain stable and vibrant in a high pH environment. Suitable for making soap swirls.

Our current selection are soft macaroon colours.

Usage: 0.5% - 3% of weight of soap. To use, add powder into water and mix well. Pour the mixture into soap batter during light trace.

There are 2 sets with 5 colours each (15g per colour). Each set is selling for RM55:

  • Set A Colours: Soft rose pink, soft orchid purple, light teal blue, soft tea-green and soft orange.
  • Set B Colours: Soft green, lavender purple, light lemon yellow, blue and champagne pink

Kindly note that these colourants are not suitable for any other use other than soap making.


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