Sensual Essential Oil Gift Pack with Bamboo Ultrasonic Diffuser

Need the perfect gift for a house or office warming party? Or do you need your space to be filled with wonderful aromatherapy scents from the get-go? Think no further, grab this complete set of an ultrasonic diffuser with our selection of essential oils to start enjoying a relaxing atmosphere within minutes of set up.

Here is a selection of essential oils that work well to promote relaxation and feelings of joy. Lavender and rose geranium soften the environment with hints of sensuality. Sweet orange adds that little burst of happiness and positivity whilst eucalyptus relaxes the airways and brings relief to all who need to breathe easy.

This set Includes:

Features: This diffuser is suitable for any medium sized room. When filled up with water, it can continuously diffuse for ~6 hours. You can set the timer for the diffuser to run for 1 hour, 2 hours or continuously till there is no water left. This diffuser has a bamboo wood cover and base. For more information about the diffuser and its warranty, click here.

Please note: The box presentation may differ from picture. Soap Artisan reserves the right to modify the look and presentation based on availability of boxes and decoration materials.

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