Acrylic Mold Divider: For 1kg Soap Mold 皂模分隔板

1kg Soap Mold Divider (Divides Lengthwise)

These acrylic dividers fits the inside of the 1kg soap mold to allow you to divide your mold lengthwise into 3 sections for an easy swirl technique. Please note that the 1kg silicone soap mold is sold separately


1kg Soap Mold Divider (3 + 2)

3 Long pieces (divides length of soap mold): 19 cm long x 7.3 cm tall

2 Short pieces (placed at head and foot of soap mold): 9 cm wide x 7.3 cm tall

1kg Soap Mold Divider (2 + 12)

2 Long pieces (placed at the side of soap mold): 19.6 cm long x 7.8 cm tall

12 Short pieces (divides length of soap mold): 8.5 cm wide x 7.8 cm tall

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