72% Olive Calendula Soap 橄榄金盞花肥皂

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A tender face and body soap made with olive oil infused with calendula flowers. Gentle for dry sensitive skin type and is great for those looking for a soap similar to Castille olive soaps that will be gentle on inflammatory skin conditions. 

Scented with essential oils, not fragrances. Please note that this is a soft soap - keep dry when not in use. 

对肌肤温和,滋润和抗敏.利用金盞花浸泡橄榄油, 将其养份释放到油里。金盞花含皂角酮,類胡蘿蔔素,β–胡蘿蔔酮 等美容成份。 具殺菌消毒、消除充血、促進傷口癒合、皮膚保濕、柔軟、鎮痛等功效,過敏性肌膚保養適用。

Primary Ingredients: Olive oil infused with calendula dried flowers, coconut oil, palm oil, essential oils and rosemary extract

Essential oils and additional ingredients for calendula soap with purple top: orange, rose geranium, lavender, patchouli, palmarosa, ylang ylang, clary sage and other essential oils in very small proportions. Also added in are bentonite clay, pink clay, charcoal powder and sodium lactate.

Essential oils for plain calendula soap: lavender and osmanthus.

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