Goat Milk Soap with Rosemary & Japanese Camellia 三合一日本山茶花羊奶皂

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Convenient hair & body bar that will freshen up your day! This feel-good soap contains Japanese camellia oil which is traditionally used to moisturize hair and skin. It also contains rosemary essential oil that not only gives you that fresh scent that awakens and uplifts your spirit, but is also believed to help stimulate hair follicles and is beneficial for flaky scalp. Follow up with your regular conditioner after using this soap for hair. Suitable for body and for short hair.

此款皂的设计采用日本山茶花油和迷迭香,对头皮和肌肤都很好。不喜欢太多瓶瓶罐罐的你, 可以一片香皂从头洗到脚。保湿度高。迷迭香对头皮保养和落发有帮助,对皮肤还有抗老,紧实的功效。

Ingredients: 2 month infusion of rosemary leaves in olive oil and wheatgerm oil, fresh goats milk, castor oil, sesame oil, Japanese camellia oil, lye and rosemary tea. Adding essential oils of rosemary, tea tree and ylang ylang.

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