Aromatherapy Perfume Pendants

Enhance your mind, mood and emotions by wearing your favourite essential oils or perfume in these aromatherapy perfume pendants wherever you go!

To Use:

  • Pull out cork stopper from the pendant
  • Add in 5 - 10 drops of essential oil into the pendant bottle
  • Push the stopper back into the opening
  • Wear the necklace and adjust length by pulling the end cords
  • Top up when the scent has faded 

Chain Type: Rope Chain

Length: 46 - 60cm

Pendant Material: Glass

Pendant Size: 3.5cm height (including stopper) x  2.1 cm width x 1 cm depth

Volume: 1ml

Cleaning Tip: Use a cotton bud soaked with alcohol to clean the internal wall of the pendant which has been in contact with oils. Leave dry. This is best done before adding in new scents.


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