About Us

Proudly a Malaysian brand, Soap Artisan retails natural bath and beauty products that are handcrafted lovingly, locally.

Our story begins with a soap maker who could not find a solution to her skin problems, and hence began making her own soaps and beauty products from natural vegetarian-based ingredients.

Hailing from Taiwan, Angel was making her own soaps for many years before coming to Malaysia in year 2000. Continuous adjustment to the local climate upon her arrival led to months of enduring skin breakouts with no end in sight, that is, until she started making soaps again. And when she started sharing them with her Malaysian friends, many were appreciative of her products as they found some relief to their skin sensitivities.

Since then she never looked back. As a result of the many years of preparation, Natural Wellbeing was formed in 2011. In the same year, she met Li Li, a consultant who loved her soaps and wanted to work with her to introduce her products to more people. Soap Artisan was then formed in 2012 to retail Natural Wellbeing products and to introduce the goodness of handmade bath and beauty products to Malaysians at affordable prices.

Our products carry an element of creativity grounded in practicality that is environment-friendly and skin-friendly. We believe in simplicity; that our products, such as the humble bar soap, when made with purpose and a sense of responsibility will be gentle yet effective in its use. We are committed to bring people closer to nature by consciously selecting ingredients that are animal-cruelty free and plant/milk based. By making products that are kinder to people, we are making small steps towards making our planet a better place to live in.