Apricot Kernel Scrub Recipe

Apricot kernel seed powder is made by finely grinding apricot seeds and is a frequently used ingredient in scrubs as it provides gentle exfoliation to the skin. It also contains vitamin A which is helpful in slowing down aging. 

Use apricot kernel powder  as an alternative ingredient to salt for skin which is sensitive to the sting of salt on open skin. Try this recipe for healthy glowing skin today!

Directions of Use:

Adults and Teenagers: Use this scrub once to twice a week

Young Children: Use this scrub once a month (see below for formula variations)


Mix ingredients well before use. Do not apply scrub onto eyes.




  1. Disinfect scrub container with some rubbing alcohol
  2. Combine apricot kernel powder and pink clay in a bowl
  3. Mix in the floral water
  4. Stir well into a smooth paste
  5. Add the honey, jojoba oil and essential oil
  6. Mix thoroughly into a smooth paste
  7. Apply a small amount to the face
  8. Spread the paste evenly on the face (avoiding the eyes) by massaging paste around the face in a circular motion
  9. Leave to dry for 15 minutes
  10. Rinse face with warm water
  11. You may store the remaining scrub in a cool place up to 3 months

Formula Variations:

  • Substitute apricot kernel seed powder with finely ground oatmeal
  • When grinding your own oatmeal, do ensure that it is not overly fine or else there would be no ‘scrub’ effect
  • Oat meal has a softer texture than apricot kernel powder, and is gentle on children
  • Clays, floral waters and essential oils may also be substituted using the following table:

Skin Type


Floral Waters

Essential Oils

Application Frequency

Sensitive Skin




Once a Month

Normal Skin


Rose / Lavender


Twice a Week

Oily Skin with Pimples

Washed Blue

Tea Tree

Tea Tree

Twice a Week

Light Pimples


Tea Tree


Twice a Week


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