French Yellow Clay 法国黄矿泥

Ultra-ventilated and rich in natural trace elements, french yellow clay has detoxifying properties which draws out impurities from the body while releasing essential minerals into the skin. It stimulates circulation, removes dead skin cells, tones and strengthens connective tissues to leave skin smooth fresh and radiant.

Recommended fro dry or sensitive skin.

It can be used in detoxifying body wraps, soap making, face masks, face or body scrubs and beauty baths to soften and improve skin texture.

Ingredient: Illite

CAS Number: 2173-60-3 (Illite).

Grade: Cosmetic

Caution: Do not ingest.

Packaging: Sealed silver foil bag (50g), or sealed plastic bag (500g and above)

Need more ideas on how to use product? Check out how to make facial clay masks or clay scrubs.

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