Gromwell Root 紫草根

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Purple gromwell heals wounds, rashes and burns. Can be used as a natural purple dye in soaps, masks and scrubs.

對於慢性潰爛,陰癢、濕疹、火傷,燙傷對於肉芽組織細胞的增生有促進的作用,可明顯加速創傷癒合的作用。紫草根粉入皂是一種天然的紫色染劑。除了用來入皂 當成手工皂配方, 還可以添加在泡澡錠、 或是調成敷面的面膜、 去角質用的磨砂膏、 香草spa蒸氣浴等等, 皆有不錯的效果。 當泡澡粉末除了不會阻塞水管外,更 能迅速釋放香草中的有效成分

Origin Country: Taiwan

Suggested Uses:  For soap making, oil infusions.

Grade: Cosmetic

Caution: Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes.

Packaging: Sealed plastic bag

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