Container: Aluminium Bottles 铝瓶

Aluminium Bottle with Plastic Spray or Lotion-Pump Dispenser (Silver Coloured Ring)

Sometimes, plastic or glass storage bottles just do not fit the equation. Whatever the reason - be it concern of highly concentrated essential oils corroding plastic, UV light damaging your product, breakable glass, or simply a need for a strong, durable, light-resistant and corrosion-resistant container - do consider these aluminium bottles as great alternative for storing and dispensing lotions or liquids.


  • 30 ml (including cap): 105 mm (height) x 30 mm (diameter) 
  • 50 ml (including cap): 115 mm (height) x 32 mm (diameter)
  • 100ml (including cap): 140 mm (height) x 39 mm (diameter)

 All aluminium bottles come fitted with a plastic cap and silver ring cover.

Care instructions:

  • Aluminium bottles are strong and sturdy but they can dent. Take care not to drop the bottle or subject it to high impact.
  • To sterilise the bottles, rinse with some alcohol and leave to dry. Do not boil or leave the bottles in hot boiling water. Doing so may cause the coating on the bottles' aluminium exterior to warp or peel.

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