Australian Pastel Pink Clay 澳洲粉红矿泥

Pastel Pink Australian Clay helps to balance stressed and mature skin as it creates a youthful appearance with ultimate hydration and skin firmness. Its hydrating properties help to refine delicate lines, moisturise and improve the overall texture of the skin. Suitable for dry, stressed and/or mature skin.


Country of Origin: Australia

Suggested Uses: As an ingredient for beauty soaps, body wraps and facial masks

INCI: Alumina Silicate

Grade: Cosmetic

Caution: Do not ingest.

Packaging: Sealed silver foil bag (50g), or sealed plastic bag (500g and above)

Not sure how to use this product? Check out how to make facial clay masks or clay scrubs.

Please read our disclaimer before purchasing any product. This product previously carried the term "organic" on its name which has been dropped to prevent misunderstanding as clays are considered as inorganic materials.

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