Bottle: Airless Pump Bottle 真空泵瓶

Vacuum or airless pump bottles are a great way to store skincare products such as lotions, face wash, sunblock, serum and foundations! These bottles are easy to use, hygienic and are suitable to store products made with little or no preservatives.

Airless pump bottles function by using a vacuum mechanism that reduces contact between the products inside with air which can lead to early oxidation or microbial growth.

How it works: As the product is pumped out of the bottle, the diaphragm or "base flap" will move up from the bottom of the container to push the product up. As the base continues to move up inside the bottle, close to 100% of the product can be pushed out due to vacuum pressure.

To use:  Remove the bottle cap and fill the container up to the top with your product, tapping the bottle frequently to get rid of any air bubbles at the bottom. There should be little or no air left when the container is filled and when the cap is screwed back on.


Height: 12 cm

Diameter: 3 cm

Storage Volume: 30ml

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