Chill and Relax Essential Oil Blend 冷静与放松复方精油

Sometimes you just gotta take a step back and chill. To take the heat off the pressure, we combined peppermint with lavender - yes two timeless classics - in our Chill and Relax essential oil blend for a refreshing floral scent.

Stuck in a jam while taking a long car ride home? Or overworked and having a mental block? Need to stay calm in the middle of a demanding job? Then, my friend, get this blend to soothe frayed nerves and combat fatigue. Or better, give it to someone who may appreciate a little bottle of 'cooling calm' to get through tough times.

For diffusion in a room: Place 5 - 10 drops in your diffuser and allow it to diffuse in the air for 60 - 90 minutes.

Other methods of usage: Soak nasal inhaler's cotton wick with this blend and store it in your pocket or bag. Whip out the nasal inhaler and take a deep inhalation of the scent whenever you need a mental rejuvenation 'kick'. 

Essential Oils: Lavender natural blend, peppermint piperita, menthol liquid, lavender french, peppermint arvensis, lavender Bulgarian, spearmint, coriander and clary sage.

Precaution: This blend is made from 100% pure essential oils. As with most essential oils, do not use this blend directly on skin without first diluting with carrier oils.

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