Stress Relief: Roll-On Blends

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Apply these 3ml roll-on bottles on your neck, temples or pulse points for a quick aromatherapy stress relief! If you are driving on the road and feeling sleepy, whip out the spearmint roll-on and apply on your nostrils and temples to keep yourself alert. Or if you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stressed, why not use the lavender or rose geranium roll-ons to give yourself a little emotional boost?

Current batch comes scented with essential oils of lavender, spearmint or rose geranium blended with sweet almond oil, and a dash of menthol for a soothing and relaxing aroma.

For a more effective muscle relief, use our   hinoki wood (sold separately) with the oils for deep pressure massage.

These roll-on blends are sold in packets of pairs. 

Please read the disclaimer before purchasing our products. Sometimes these roll-on blends may be packaged in dark amber bottles instead the colored bottles in photos.

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