How to Melt Olive Emulsifying Chips

May 23, 2016

How to Melt Olive Emulsifying Chips

We often get questions from our past DIY Skincare students on how to melt the olive emulsifier (also known as olive emulsifying wax chips) in our night cream recipe.

Soap Artisan | Olive EmulsifierOften the melting of the chips are prepared by our assistant during the workshops. Although the steps are mentioned in workshop notes, seeing is much easier than wordy explanations. In case you are one of our students and have missed out on noticing how the chips are melted, we have put together a short video  to show you this simple procedure.

This video was taken during one of our workshops in which a large batch of chips were melted. At home, you can use smaller containers. The olive chips are usually only take up ~5% of the recipe, with the bulk being floral water (or distilled water as substitute) and carrier oils. We used rosehip oil in the night cream recipe, but you can substitute it with other carrier oils.  






Do note that once the mixture cools, it will start to solidify. So you will need to bottle it quickly once you are done.

Cheat sheet:

  • For a runny cream (watery feel): use 3 - 5% organic olive emulsifier
  • For a rich and creamy product: use 5 - 8% organic olive emulsifier
  • Carrier oils and butters: use 5 - 25%

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