Inner Healing: A Journey to Meet One's Own Self

December 20, 2016

Inner Healing: A Journey to Meet One's Own Self

In my previous blog article, I explored the meaning of “healing” and how essential oils are beneficial in bringing about positive emotions in my healing work.

Now let us look at the word “Inner”.

From a psychological point of view, the human being consists of body + mind + subconscious mind. The body is the gross outer layer and within it lies the mind which can be further divided into the conscious (logical) and subconscious mind.

From a para-psychological point of view, the human being can be broken down to 7 levels of existence (see picture below). At the most outer layer, we have the aura energy field which although unseen to the naked eye, creates our own power of attraction. This is followed by our physical body, mind, emotions, the inner child, soul and finally, the spirit. I use the term “inner” to refer to a deeper level beyond the mind that lies in the realm of emotion, the inner child, soul and spirit.

7 Levels of Existence


Whether one is looking into the inner being from the psychological (conscious mind and subconscious mind) or para-psychological point of view (emotion, inner child, soul and spirit), the conclusion would be:

  • The health of our inner being is crucial and important as it supports our understanding and interactions with our external environment
  • Many events and our outlook on life are determined by the condition of our inner being
  • The inner being directly and indirectly affects our outer being (body and our attraction)

How do we know whether our inner being is healthy? Our 7 levels of existence are all connected and inter-related; the inner condition will manifest into all the 7 levels. Here is the check list to as a general check of your inner well-being.

As you go through the list, tick the statements that best describe your condition:

Inner Health Diagnostic Check

Now, count the total statement checked on the left column (healthy condition), and the total statement checked on the right column (lower energy condition). When you take total of left column minus total of right column, you get the score of the health condition of your inner being.

Interpretation of Scores:

Inner Health Diagnostic Score Chart

If your score is negative, I would encourage you to take immediate action to come for a one-on-one Subconscious Healing and Reprograming with me. You might be having mild depression and constantly feel like giving up.

If you have positive scores between 1 and 8, you are trying very hard just to survive. Life is about enduring challenge after challenge. Do take action before you burn out.

Scores between 9 and 16: You are slightly above surviving, balancing between give and take, working hard and also playing hard. You know how to reward yourself and pull yourself up when you are low. Enrich yourself with learning. Spiritual growth will also accelerate your life to a whole new level.

Scores above 16: You are happy and contented with life. You are probably a positive influence to many people, and people around you will look up to you for advice. You are the emotional support for your family and friends. The next stage for you is to transcend your existing state to reach higher levels of consciousness.

If you score 16 or below, I do encourage you to join us in the upcoming Inner Healing Class on 12 Jan 2017 (7.30pm to 9.30pm) at The Healing Space Academy. In this 2-hour session, we will tap into your subconscious memory to uncover any negative past events that may be weighing you down and holding you back. This is a good opportunity to try resolving internal issues and releasing emotional pain or negativity. The Inner Healing session is an effective way to release stress and emotional burdens; think of like a yoga cum spa session for your emotion, soul and spirit.

To check out our workshops and sign up, please click here.

 About Master Coach Angela Bong – Trainer, Healer & Speaker:

AngelaAngela is a professional EQ and personality trainer for 16 years whose personal life experience has shown her that the cause of personality issues, emotional illnesses, physical pain and sickness are rooted in our subconscious memory (our memory from 0 to 5 years old). Through the control of breath and certain techniques, Angela discovered that one can reach into the subconscious to release negative memories and negative beliefs that can start the emotional healing in oneself.

After 6 years of R&D, Angela founded Subconscious Healing & Reprograming technique and opened The Healing Space in 2013. Since then, she has provided healing and coaching for many people afflicted with depression, anxiety disorders, unknown pain and broken family relationships. She runs workshops, personal coaching and one-on-one healing sessions with her clients both locally and from abroad.

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