Healing Wisdom Within Essential Oils

November 29, 2016

Healing Wisdom Within Essential Oils

Hi, this is Angela again; a healer, a corporate trainer and a spiritual teacher. This is my 2nd blog article for Soap Artisan, and I would like to share with you a little bit about The Healing Wisdom within Essential Oils.

First, I would like to dive a little deeper on the notion of "healing". The word “Heal” means “to restore to its original state of perfection”. It is different from the word “Treat”: to treat is to make something comfortable or to create pleasure. For example, a body massage session is a treatment; while the treatment may give comfort and temporary relief from pain, it does not root out the cause of the problem which may have been resulted from poor posture. 

The other similar word is “therapy”, meaning “to feel better or to make stronger”. This is frequently seen in a person’s post-illness recovery process whereby after treating a health problem, he or she may undergo therapy to build back his or her strength.

Hence, when we look deep into the intensity of health recovery, “treatment” is very much about managing a patient’s symptom, reducing pain and discomfort; “therapy” is about strength building and recovery, while the word “healing” has the highest and most complete effect whereby it refers to the “restoration of a condition to its original perfection”. And good essential oils definitely have healing effects; so how can this healer not fall in love with essential oils!

Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936), the father of aromatic therapy once quoted:

Quote by Edward Bach

 My quote for essential oils is a little simpler:

“Essential oils awaken the pulse to a blossoming heart!”  - Master Coach Angela Bong

Every different oil has its own healing effect, both biological and emotional. In this article, let me share about the emotional healing effect of some essential oil, which you can find them at Soap Artisan.

Emotions and EOs

The best way of using essential oil for healing is to combine essential oil into subconscious healing related work, such as:

  • Chakra energy balancing meditation (teaching on 3rd Dec 2016, in EO and Chakra Healing Workshop).
  • Alpha brainwave meditation (teaching on 22 Dec 2016, in EO and Emotional Healing Workshop).
  • Using essential oils in diffuser to relax and sleep.
  • Drip one drop of essential oil into your palm and breathe in deeply for 10 times.

You may probably ask the following:

FAQ#1: How many times do I need to do the above step to see the healing result?

Answer: This is very much depending on the condition of the negative emotions such as:

  • how long you have been enduring it?
  • what are the experiences you have been through and how intense were they?
  • and whether it involved any issues buried in the past (childhood trauma, inter-generational passed on issues)

Just like trying to lose weight, some people just need to shed off 2 to 3 kilograms whereas others may need to cut out 15 kilograms. The point is that the time frame needed is subjective but the key message is the same: Be persistent! Never give up easily.  Seek knowledge from the professionals. Get a good coach if you want fast and great results!

FAQ#2: If I have few different conditions, how do I go about healing? Use a few types of oils together?

Answer: Emotional healing is a deep subconscious process, and it is advisable to deal with one emotion at a time. Your subconscious responds to the condition of the replacement, meaning you cannot tell your subconscious “I don’t want to be sad”. This is not good enough to reprogram. You must say “I don’t want to be sad, I want to be happy.” You replace the emotion of sadness with happiness. 

Generally, it takes 45 days to program a new habit into our subconscious mind. In this scenario, you may use Bergamot oil for deep breathing, and declare to yourself:

 “I let go of the pattern of feeling sad, I choose to be happy, I empower myself to live happily.”

Do it for consecutively 45 days.

Hand Reach Sun

I look forward to see you in the workshop. To connect with me, you may add me at my Facebook: Angela Bong Hua Eng.

 To check out our workshops and sign up, please click here.

 About Master Coach Angela Bong – Trainer, Healer & Speaker:

AngelaAngela is a professional EQ and personality trainer for 16 years whose personal life experience has shown her that the cause of personality issues, emotional illnesses, physical pain and sickness are rooted in our subconscious memory (our memory from 0 to 5 years old). Through the control of breath and certain techniques, Angela discovered that one can reach into the subconscious to release negative memories and negative beliefs that can start the emotional healing in oneself.

After 6 years of R&D, Angela founded Subconscious Healing & Reprograming technique and opened The Healing Space in 2013. Since then, she has provided healing and coaching for many people afflicted with depression, anxiety disorders, unknown pain and broken family relationships. She runs workshops, personal coaching and one-on-one healing sessions with her clients both locally and from abroad.

Healing Emotionally: Kari Joy Quote


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