When A Healer Falls in Love with Essential Oils

November 16, 2016

When A Healer Falls in Love with Essential Oils

We are pleased to have Coach Angela Bong who is a speaker and healer to contribute a few articles with us. She will also be holding some workshops on chakra and emotional healing with essential oils (details at the bottom). This article is an introduction about her and a little bit of what she does.

Hi, my name is Angela Bong, I am the founder and master coach of The Healing Space Academy. The purpose of The Healing Space Academy is to heal the broken soul and broken world, without drugs, without cuts, and without scars through Subconscious Memory Healing and Reprograming technique.

In my healing practice, I regularly use essential oils to help clients get into a relaxed state of mind to tap into their subconscious. Hence I do have a high requirement on the quality of essential oils - they must be of pure grade quality that produces energy detectable by a Hertz reading machine. Having said and done that, these days I no longer use the machine to detect the energy as I have developed a sensitivity through my healing work to feel the energies from the treasures of the earth.

In the past before high-grade essential oils were available in Malaysia, I used to travel to Australia to get the oils I needed for healing, meditation, as well as for making body perfume blends. I always joked that people who travel to Australia normally come back with wine, however I would come home lugging a big packet of essential oils, and each bottle would have to be carefully checked to ensure it is no more than 30ml to carry into the cabin. I would not check-in the essential oils to avoid the change of quality caused by exposure to heat and pressure in the luggage storage area.

Travel stamps

In 2014, after few rounds of constant traveling, I decided that there had to be an easier way. It suddenly dawned on me that I had not asked the Universe to help manifest a supplier that I can rely on to source my essential oils locally! And so, I did just that.

Not long after, the Universe delivered me a student who is in a direct sales company distributing essential oils. I was thrilled by the speedy delivery of a solution by the Universe, but after a while I found it a bit too pricey for my healing work. So I needed change and this time I learned to be more specific in my request in terms of product quality, price, location and I even included the opportunity to work together to add value to each other's businesses! Yes, we are Asians, and we love our 3-in-1, or 4-in-1 solutions! One stone to kill two birds is never enough, we need more, and the Universe is always kind to deliver my order. 

EO Bottles and Rack 

One day, I was headed to One Utama for a family dinner to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I went directly to the restaurant, but my aunt stopped by Soap Artisan for a quick look before the dinner. When she arrived at the restaurant, the first thing she told me was: “Go check out the essential oil store later!” And thus begins the story between this Healer and Soap Artisan. The first time at the store, I couldn’t stop myself and bought a total bill close to RM600 worth of essential oil. If I spent the same amount on the direct selling brand, the quantity I get may last for approximately 1.5 months consumption; but from Soap Artisan, the products I get will last me for 4 months!

You may ask:

Why do I love essential oils and use so much essential oils?

Essential oils are derived from plants that are originally nourished and nurtured by mother earth. There is a life force and energy in good essential oil. I have developed a sensitivity to feel whether the oil has life, or it is dead oil the moment I apply it on my skin.


When we apply life oil as a body perfume, for meditation, it enhances the good energy or Qi in our body. It uplifts our inner spirit, it heals the burdened soul and calms the anxious mind; of course, you need to know the function of different types of essential oils and choose the oil accordingly.

What are the essential oils I use for calming and healing?

I personally like the blend of Lavender, Cypress, Vetiver and Pine for meditation and calming purposes

Are there any differences in using the essential oil as a standalone as compared to a blend of a few oils?

The energy of one essential oil is just like the sounds of a musical instrument: playing one instrument itself is nice, but when few musical instruments are playing together, the impact is exponential. Instead of [A + B +C +D], the impact is indeed [A x B x C x D]. Of course, this is provided you know what to put together to achieve the new level of synergy and power.

Upon request in my healing work, I would custom blend essential oils for my students, either following the energy of their date of birth for inner being balancing; while another option is the to improve the condition of the aura for better luck. With the custom blend, one can just apply 2 drops into a body lotion and apply on the skin. This will not only radiate a beautiful scent but I believe it will also help to send out energy to attract positive things to us.


Zen Rock and Sand Art


To check out our workshops and sign up, please click here.

 About MasterCoach Angela Bong – Trainer, Healer & Speaker:

 AngelaAngela is a professional EQ and personality trainer for 16 years whose personal life experience has shown her that the cause of personality issues, emotional illnesses, physical pain and sickness are rooted in our subconscious memory (our memory from 0 to 5 years old). Through the control of breath and certain techniques, Angela discovered that one can reach into the subconscious to release negative memories and negative beliefs that can start the emotional healing in oneself.

After 6 years of R&D, Angela founded Subconscious Healing & Reprograming technique and opened The Healing Space in 2013. Since then, she has provided healing and coaching for many people afflicted with depression, anxiety disorders, unknown pain and broken family relationships. She runs workshops, personal coaching and one-on-one healing sessions with her clients both locally and from abroad.

If you have got questions for Angela, type them in the comments below or email her at: SECoach@hotmail.com


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