Clean Air Essential Oil Blend 空气清新复方精油

If blending essential oils is not your thing, let us take out the complexity and provide you a no-fuss 100% pure essential oil blend that is ready-to-use. This refreshing blend aims to deodorise and cleanse the air from micro-organisms. It is a wonderful energy booster for those who love the sharp penetrating scents of eucalyptus as this blend will 'lift' the atmosphere in any room and give it a positive buzz.

This blend is perfect for diffusion in the flu season, musty rooms and during gloomy days due to its cleaning and uplifting effects. Are you in an office or environment where people are sneezing and having runny noses? Try diffusing Clean Air blend for a more conducive environment that is supportive of work and concentration.


For diffusion in a room: Place 5 - 10 drops in your diffuser and allow it to cleanse the air for 30 minutes. Try this blend with additional citrus oils from your own personal arsenal for a more uplifting mood.


Essential Oils: Eucalyptus blue gum, ravensara, coriander, lemon, lime and black pepper.

Caution:  Avoid use by those who are prone to epilepsy and seizures. 



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