Stress-Free Essential Oil Blend 无压力复方精油

Unwind and relax with our Stree-Free Essential Oil blend, where calm lavender meets excitable orange and intense rosemary. It is a wonderful confluence of stimulation and relaxation which makes this blend a suitable companion for those who want to tap into their creativity in an atmosphere that is relaxing, soothing and sensual. 

For diffusion in a room: Place 5 - 10 drops in your diffuser and allow it to diffuse in the air for 60 - 90 minutes.

For massage: Mix 3 drops of the essential oil blend into a tablespoon of carrier oil and use the mixture as a body massage.

Essential Oils: Lavender natural blend, rosemary Spanish, orange 5 fold, orange bitter, orange sweet, lavender Bulgarian, rose geranium, neroli, ylang ylang, geranium leaf absolute.

Precaution: This blend is made from 100% pure essential oils. As with most essential oils, do not use this blend directly on skin without first diluting with carrier oils.

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