Chamomile Soap 洋甘菊皂

A tender bar for sensitive skin! 

Chamomile is traditionally used to relieve skin irritations such as acne, insect bites and itching. To fully distill the benefits of the chamomile flower, we have infused chamomile flowers in olive oil for 2 months before using the oil for soap making.  Suitable for sensitive dry skin.

洋甘菊皂对肌肤温和,滋润和抗敏.利用洋甘菊浸泡橄榄油, 将其养份释放到油里,增加功效。具有高度的抗敏和保湿效果.,对干裂,修复,敏感,熟龄肌肤都很适合。

Ingredients:  2 months infusion of chamomile in olive oil and wheatgerm oil, coconut oil, water, evening primrose oil, palm oil and sodium hydroxide. Adding chamomile powder and essential oils of lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus

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