Goat Milk Avocado-Wormwood Soap 羊奶酪梨艾草抗敏滋润皂

This is a herbal soap incorporating wormwood powder which is known for its traditional properties of soothing and healing irritated skin. Wormwood is also known to be anti-fungal, anti-paratisic and a counter irritatnt to painful insect bites. This soap is made together with goat milk, olive and avocado oil to keep skin supple and moist, so try this soap if you wish for a cleansing process that is mild without a sensation of dryness.

Suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Please note that the appearance of soap is normally light brown due to the presence of goat milk. Wormwood powder on the soap may appear in shades of brown or green, depending on the type of grind used. 


请注意肥皂的外观呈现浅棕色是由于皂含有羊奶成分。艾草粉也使皂的颜色呈现深棕色或翠綠色。 低温艾草粉是以低温磨研, 颜色呈翠綠色。高温艾草粉是以高温磨研, 颜色呈深棕色。

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy (due to wormwood).


Saponified oils (olive, red palm, avocado, shea butter, castor, grapeseed, apricot kernel and wheat germ) with lye, water, goat milk, essential oils of lavender and cedarwood, wormwood powder and rosemary extract.

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