Chamomile Dried Flowers 洋甘菊花苞

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Make an oil infusion of chamomile dried flowers that can be used in massage oil blends or in soap making. Chamomile infused oil can be helpful in soothing irritated or dry skin. It can also be used in making creams and lotions.

 具有保濕與鎮靜的功效,可軟化皮膚,使皮膚平滑,局部敷於粗糙敏感及創傷的皮膚也有幫助癒合的作用有。酮,類胡蘿蔔素,β–胡蘿蔔酮 等美容成份。 具殺菌消毒、消除充血、促進傷口癒合、、皮膚保濕、柔軟、鎮痛等功效,過敏性肌膚保養適用。

Origin Country: Taiwan

Suggested Uses: Infuse chamomile flowers into carrier oils that can later be used in making soaps, creams, ointments or massage oils for sensitive skin. Want to know how to infuse dried flowers in carrier oils? Click here.

Grade: Cosmetic

Caution: Do not ingest. Keep away from eyes.

Packaging: Sealed plastic bags (this is not retail packaging)

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