Bottle: Dark Amber Glass 深色玻璃瓶

Dark Amber Glass Bottle 深色玻璃瓶

These bottles are perfect for holding up your desired essential oils, blends, or other liquids. The dark amber glass can be used to protect liquids from potentially damaging UV light.

Amber Glass Bottles with Black Plastic Screw Cap and Orifice Reducer:

These bottles are typically used for dispensing essential oils. The specifications are as follows:

  • 5ml: 57mm (height) x 22 mm (diameter)
  • 10ml: 67mm (height) x 25 mm (diameter)
  • 15ml: 72mm (height) x 28 mm (diameter)
  • 30ml: 72mm (height) x 33 mm (diameter)
  • 50ml: 100mm (height) x 38 mm (diameter)
  • 100ml: 118mm (height) x 49 mm (diameter)

Amber Glass Bottles with Long Glass Dropper And Black Rubber Cap:

These bottles are typically used for dispensing carrier oils  and blended body oils. The specifications are as follows:

  • 30ml glass bottle: 105mm (height) x 33 mm (diameter)
  • 50ml glass bottle: 120mm (height) x 38 mm (diameter)
  • 100ml glass bottle: 135mm (height) x 49 mm (diameter)

All bottles and their parts are manually assembled by hand. Please sanitize before use.

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