Evening Primrose Oil 冷压月见草油

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Cold Pressed Virgin Evening Primrose Oil 冷压月见草油

Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis

Like borage it is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). EPO has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging capabilities. 

Evening Primrose Oil can be used in the following:

  • soothe and moisturise dry, scaly, or itchy skin
  • soothe inflamed skin prone to eczema
  • joint pains and arthritis
  • good for blends in alleviate menstrual discomfort and PMS
  • help strengthen nails.

It oxidizes easily so it is best to be used quickly and stored in the refrigerator. For topical usage, the recommendation is 5 - 20% in a blend.

In soap making, it produces a wonderfully conditioning soap. Recommended percentage: 5 - 10% of total oil weight. One may also add this in as a superfatting nutrient just before trace.

 特徵是含9%γ-亞麻酸, 直接塗抹就能緩和皮膚過敏症狀,常添加於問題肌膚的保養品,用在香皂上可改善過敏或粗糙性皮膚,促進傷口癒合,非常适合熟龄肌肤。建議添加5%~10%, 皂化價0.134

Packaging: 100ml oils are sold in dark amber glass bottle. Other sizes in 500ml, 1L and 5L will be packed and delivered in sealed plastic bottles. Kindly note that photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Storage: Keep in cool, dark and dry place. Best if kept refrigerated to prolong freshness and to maximize product shelf life.

Please read the disclaimer before purchasing our products. Also please note that oils are less dense than water. Hence, depending on the type of oil purchased, a 1L bottle of oil will typically weigh between 870g - 930g and not 1kg.

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