Hazelnut Oil 冷压精製榛果油

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Cold-Pressed Refined Hazelnut Oil 冷压精製榛果油

Botanical Name: Corylus Avellana

Hazelnut oil is a good emollient and is slightly more fluid than sweet almond. Due to its high Vitamin E content, hazelnut oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, offering softening and moisturizing properties. It can offer some mild UV protection and cell regenerative properties. It can help to regulate sebum production and has slight astringent properties making it suitable for tightening pores. Can be used on all skin types.

For soap making, hazelnut oil adds conditioning to your bar and would serve as a good ingredient for facial bar soaps. Add this in as a superfatting nutrient just before trace. Suggested usage: 5-10% of total oil weight. 

含豐富的棕櫚油酸和维生素A,B,E不但保湿且有软化滋润的效果。有助皮膚的再生.防止老化的效果,常作為高級的按摩油,且富含礦物質。  榛果油可做出使用感極佳的洗臉皂。

Packaging: All carrier oils in 500ml, 1L and 5L will be packed and delivered in sealed white plastic bottles. Kindly note that photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Please read the disclaimer before purchasing our products. Also please note that oils are less dense than water. Hence, depending on the type of oil purchased, a 1L bottle of oil will typically weigh between 870g - 930g and not 1kg.

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