Palm Kernel Oil 棕榈仁油

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Palm Kernel Oil 棕榈仁油

Botanical Name: Elaeis guineensis

Made from the kernels or pits of the palm fruit. It helps to make a very white, hard bar of soap which is wonderfully lathering (unlike palm oil which does not produce as much bubbles in a soap). 

Packaging: All carrier oils in 500ml, 1L and 5L will be packed and delivered in white plastic bottles. Kindly note that photos are for illustrative purposes only.

Storing: Please store oil in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. As this oil has a melting point of ~28 degree Celcius, it may appear as semi solids at room temperature. To liquefy the oil, place bottle in warm water (not boiling water) before use.

Please read the disclaimer before purchasing our products. Also please note that oils are less dense than water. Hence, depending on the type of oil purchased, a 1L bottle of oil will typically weigh between 870g - 930g and not 1kg.

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