Petitgrain Essential Oil 苦橙叶精油

Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium Amara

Plant Part: Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Common Uses: Petitgrain is distilled from the leaves, twigs and branches of the Bitter Orange tree (whereas the bitter orange essential oil is usually cold pressed from the rinds of the fruits). It can help with nervous exhaustion, insomnia and stress-related conditions especially anger and panic.

Petitgrain helps to clear and tone the skin. It is particularly good for greasy, congested skin, acne, pimples and other blemishes, as it has a mild antiseptic action and helps to control over-active sebum production. Petitgrain also acts as a deodorant and can help relieve excessive perspiration.

帮助缓和失眠与心跳加快的焦虑感, 能安抚愤怒与恐慌,情绪低落时是好的抗忧郁剂苦橙叶没有光敏感性,有调节皮肤的功能,减轻皮脂分泌,也是好的杀菌剂,治疗粉刺与青春痘,还可对付头皮屑

Blends particularly well with bergamot, lavender, palmarosa, geranium, rosewood, rosemary and sandalwood.

Strength of Aroma: Medium

Note: Top

Description: Sweet, fresh and floral aroma similar to orange flowers with woody undertones.

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy.

Packaging: Dark amber bottle with orifice reducer (for controlled essential oil dispensing). 

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