Soap Cutter Set 切皂器

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Our high quality soap cutter set comes with 2 cutters - flat/wavy and wire cutter (切皂器,含修边和2把刀,线刀,扁平刀/波浪刀). 


  • Thick and durable wooden board
  • Easy-to-adjust mechanism that allows you to cut soaps to a consistent thickness
  • Grooves for wire and flat/wavy cutter knives
  • Soap shaving/planer blade included at the base. 


  • 195 mm (Length) x 100mm (Width) x 90mm (Height)

Care instructions:

As the shaving blade at the base is not 100% stainless steel, it is best to keep it oiled especially before and after use to reduce/prevent rust.

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