Honey Soaps 蜂蜜皂

Life is sweeter with honey. So, glow up with our honey soap and enjoy its warm, sweet fragrance which promises to embue you with positivity while you shower each day. 

Honey has anti-microbial properties and along with its high levels of anti-oxidants, this soap can gently cleanse acne-prone skin while keeping it moist and hydrated. Aloe vera gel and calendula petals are also present to calm sensitive and itchy skin types. 

The honey soap is also a great alternative to our charcoal soaps for oily / combination skin types (We know, charcoal may not be everybody's kinda thing!).  So, if you are in love with honey and the sweetness of life, do not miss out on this soap!

Please note that due to the varying shapes, the soaps comes in 2 weight types: 60-80g and 80-100g.

皂中的蜂蜜具有消炎及修復皮膚組織的功效, 能滋润皮肤同时还能够预防粉刺。蜂蜜皂也添加芦荟和金盞花能舒缓敏感和瘙痒皮肤。适合油性与混合性肌肤。如果您喜欢蜂蜜与甜蜜的香味, 不要错过这香皂。注:蜂蜜皂分成两种重量60-80克和80-100克。

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut, palm kernel, red palm, palm, cocoa butter, castor and beeswax with lye; water, honey, calendula dried flowers, lavender essential oil, honey fragrance, aloe vera, yellow oxide, titanium dioxide, sugar, sodium lactate and rosemary extract. 

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