20% Shea Butter Soap with Goat Milk and Chamomile 20% 乳油木果洋甘菊皂

 A 100% handmade soap with chamomile powder and a high percentage of shea butter for sensitive, dry, itchy and also combination skin types. The combination of shea butter and goat milk helps to make a moisturising bar that will keep skin soft, soothed and dewy.

Chamomile is a traditional remedy to reduce skin inflammation and is a perfect accompaniment in this bar that aims to moisturise and keep inflammations at bay.  

This bar packs the richness of shea butter and goodness of goat milk together. The soap has a light and creamy lather that cleanses gently without stripping skin of its oils. Do try this soap if you have aging skin, or if your skin is constantly exposed to dry air-condition environments. 

高百分比的乳油木果脂和羊奶的混合, 超滋润配方, 让干燥, 瘙痒的肌肤很快就可以感受到舒缓. 皂也含洋甘菊对肌肤温和,滋润和抗敏.利用洋甘菊浸泡橄榄油, 将其养份释放到油里,增加功效。具有高度的抗敏和保湿效果.,对干裂,修复,敏感,熟龄肌肤都很适合。

Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, shea butter, coconut, palm and castor with sodium hydroxide; water, goat milk, lavender essential oil, chamomile powder, sugar, sodium lactate and rosemary extract. 

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