Swirled Pink Clay Soap 粉红矿泥皂

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Once upon a recent time, the Australian and French pink clays met in a swirl of "soaply" union which became immortalized in this sweetly scented bar.  Enjoy the contrast of pink against cream-white, and if pink is the colour of love, we hope you will feel the love vibes as you shower with this soap.

Pink clay is believed to contain minerals that are anti-aging and healing for the skin. Hence, this soap would be beneficial for dry and mature skin, or skin that is frequently exposed to stress and pollutants. If you love applying clay masks on your face to make your skin soft and supple, why not pamper the rest of your body with the benefits of pink clay as well?

This is a gentle cleansing soap that can be used daily. As with all soaps, please do keep it in a dry spot when not in use. 

粉红矿泥丰富含天然微量元素. 对皮肤有温和的吸收作用,软化和改善皮肤, 改善臉部細紋。。这皂适合所有膚質皆適用,特別是熟齡肌膚。如果您喜欢在脸上涂抹粘土面膜以改善皮肤不妨试试使用粉红矿泥的好处来呵护您的身体呢?


Ingredients: Saponified oils of olive, coconut and palm; water, pink clay, lavender essential oil, sodium lactate and rosemary extract.

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