Amino Acid 氨基酸起泡剂

Amino Acid 氨基酸起泡剂 (Sodium Cocoyl Alaninate)

Ultra mild amino acid based anionic surfactants derived from L-alanine and coconut fatty acid, delivers dense bubble and good creamy foam in weakly acidic or neutral conditions even in the presence of oil materials. It is exceptionally mild to the skin and hair and provides selective detergency in that it removes soil and sebum but leaves the intercellular lipids of the skin intact.

氨基酸起泡剂由 L ‐ 丙氨酸(L ‐ Alaninate) 與椰子油脂肪酸(Coconut Fatty Acid)所製成,天然植物來源呈弱酸性,具良好的起泡力,質純溫和洗後有濕潤感。

Origin Country: Australia

Suggested Uses: As an ingredient for facial cleansers, body washes and hair shampoos

Grade: Cosmetic

Caution: Do not ingest.

Packaging: Airtight plastic bottle. This is not a retail packaging.

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