Candelilla Wax 小烛树蜡

Great vegan alternative for beeswax.

Texture-wise, candelilla wax tends to be more smooth, less sticky and spreads a little more thinly compared to beeswax. It is also more more quickly absorbed into the skin. For the creation of balms or salves, try mixing candelilla wax with a thicker butters or waxes like shea butter.

When substituting candelilla wax for beeswax in an existing recipe, reduce the amount of wax by half since candelilla wax has twice the stiffening power of beeswax. It also forms a light barrier on your skin, helping to seal in those moisturizing oils and butters without clogging pores. 

Country of Origin:  UK

Suggested Uses: As an ingredient for skincare and cosmetics. 

Grade: Cosmetic Grade

Caution: Do not ingest.

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